Caroline Neron Axellie

I am originating from Canada where I obtained my degree in Fine Arts before
moving to Sweden in 1990.

In Sweden, wishing to extend my knowledge, I took a bachelor in Economics. But the
artist in me was showing me I was not meant to be working with figures, and so my artistic creativity rapidly took over…

In the meanwhile, I stayed 3 years in Saudi Arabia. That is where I first got into
touch with textile. A new world was opening up to me, with all those coloured fabrics, allowing me to create wonderful works of art taking form of tapestries.

Back in Sweden, I wanted to start my own art textile business; that is when the
story of CaroArt began.

The first creation I made was inspired by the Swedish history. I wanted the framing
to be an important part of my creation and so I decided to extend the fabric to the edges. In the same time, I wanted to give a wooden-made impression. The final results were great and worth being seen and so it did not take long before I started working on another project.

CaroArt was born…

Since September 2001, I am actively working on my art and the response for my
creations has reached a level well beyond my expectations.