Secto Design launches the walnut veneer as the fourth standard colour for the lighting collection. The lamps are made by hand of Finnish PEFC-certified birch and the beautiful warm tone to the exterior is given by a waxed walnut veneer.


Secto Design Oy is a Finnish company specialized in wooden designer lamps.

Secto Design lamp shades are handmade of Finnish birch by highly skilled craftsmen.

The designs by architect Seppo Koho have a clear and simple Scandinavian feel. The wood provides a soft luminosity for atmosphere and appeal. Secto Design inspires people all over the world, as 75 % of  company sales comes from export.

Architect Seppo Koho

"To me, form is the most important criterion when designing any object.
My lighting fixtures are spaces in themselves. The viewer should not be blinded
by the light. On the contrary, the light should softly invite people to come
closer. Secto Design lamps emphasize space and environment – they create