A cruising sailboat is a spectacular sight and confirms that mankind is subject to the laws of nature. This was our design team’s source of inspiration when creating the SPINNAKER chair.

The ambition was to create an easy chair in contemporary design with an unrivalled sitting comfort.

We are proud to introduce you to our SPINNAKER and are confident that the chair will fulfill your expectations.

The back adjusts to your personal taste through our selection of various sail design and material. The cushion is available in a wide range of high quality leather or fabrics.

Spinnaker is a complete product concept. Spinnaker chair, table and tv - table form a complete suite of furniture, both timeless and contemporary. The innovative design and the wide
range of options give Spinnaker a unique ability to find its place in every
room and with any style.

The SPINNAKER has got an exquisite, temporary design and the shape reflects the beautiful curves of a cruising spinnaker sail. We are challenging you to take a break. Let go
for a moment, and enjoy the feeling of quality and good design.

Do you seek the personal advice to Spinnaker, possible by yourself?

Please contact us by phone +45 23202452 or by E - Mail: v@llee.dk