interio® design by v@llèes stays critical to emerging trends and puts the individual's needs at the center, by translating expectations into flexible, functional spaces, creating prosperity and opportunity for development.


interio® design by v@llèes efforts of individual and specific solutions for interior.

Long before the first line are drawn, ensure interio® design by v@llèes itself as an impartial adviser, to meet customer requirements during the process so the final outcome of the election of colors, materials, lighting and furniture meets and reflects the customers expectations and perceptions of an attractive and sought after interior.

interio® design by v@llèes work only stops, where wishes, interiors and the final thought-through solutions are performed and the project is finally delivered.

interio® design by v@llèes work independent of suppliers. This means that the interio® design by v@llèes exclusively can satisfy customer needs, which will always result in a durable and well thought out comprehensive solution with an optimal use of the area, individuality and a functional interior, where the furnishings is seen in conjunction with the rest of the interior.

We also design custom furniture when the job requires it.