Here you can see what a outline proposals, etc. usually costs ...

Outline proposals for re - and extension or renovation of an apartment or

house, max. 150 square feet, are exported to € 730 .- excl. VAT.

In addition offers are collected.

If the outline wants further projected to for example construction management of

craftsmen, regulatory treatment or tender to the craftsmen, this is performed to normal rate.

If needed, we can also obtain bids from builders and manage the building renovation process to a normal rate.

If you are a group or a fraternity, seeking proposals for the renovation and decoration, can we by minimum 10 units, draw the outline proposals within the above framework.

Condition reports, which includes the windows, plumbing, electrical, walls, ceilings, floors, wet room and kitchen reviewed by affiliated architects and construction experts, with a designation of the areas where the project is or should be adapted / performed.

The price is usually around. € 420 .- to € 530,- excl. VAT. Condition report with estimated prices, approx. € 1.150,- 1.230,- excl. VAT.

If the energy label is required simultaneously, a reduction in price is offered.

Prices are subject to price changes.