At the moment the unique Triple series consists off several tables, a shield with a maritime touch and a tray with a lot of different purposes.

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interio® design by v@llèes thermography


Windows, doors, unsealed walls and assemblings near walls, between wall/floor or wall/ceiling are typical examples of deficient and bad isolation og by that, the sins to a house with bad heating economy.

A wall-through of your home or company done by interio® design by v@llèes, can save you for unpleasant surprises and expensive bills for warm. For example by performing a better isolation. Furthermore can we, where water and heating pipes are hidden under floors, in private houses as well as in indrustial companies, with great precision, find eventual breaks/leaks.

Will you avoid unpleasant economic surprises, related to purchase of a house or renovation, caused by unsealed, hidden damage of pipes, requirement for after isolation, unnecessary interruptions of the daily run because of a broken el-installations, or worse, fire or short circuit in the electric installations etc.

So let us take care your investment before with a check, finalized with a well-documented report.

interio® design by v@llèes thermography complies with (SKAFOR), the insurance companies demand for correct reporting of isothermalgraphy.